7 Things You Should Avoid Telling Your Girl

1. I am getting crazy about you each day, let’s start dating

Girls are way different from you guy friends. Whatever you feel, you can go and tell straight to your guy friends. But if you do so with the girls, trust she would never ever think about dating you in the first place. He might consider you a desperate too. Hide your emotions strictly in your first date, build chemistry and let her reach to a bigger level of getting into a relationship with you.

2. You have many guy friends

Chances are high that you might hate her male friends to the core and would want her to stop talking to them every hour but this is one feeling that you should never ever express in front of your girl. Calm down your emotions and let her take her good time to decide if she wants them in life or she is happy with you.

3. Don’t blame her if she didn’t pick up your call or texted you back

Right after you start dating each other, there might be occasions when she is unable to take your calls since she was too busy with work. Don’t become highly suspicious about it and start bombarding calls and messages on her. Be patient and wait for her to call you back. Show your understanding self in such situations.

4. Never ask her, if she likes you

Don’t become so easily available for her. Show some attitude though you should always be there for her. Asking about if she likes you or not will make you look highly desperate in front of her. Girls hate desperate guys, bear this in mind.

5. I want to see your phone

Never ever dare to ask her to show her phone. Girls are very conscious about it. She would take this as if you are trying to keep a check on her and she would not accept this at all. Let her do whatever she wants. Do not check her phone. Even if she tries to show you some messages, try to avoid looking at them and ask her to narrate it. Still if she gives the phone to you, just look at it at a glance and give it back to her.

6. You are not looking as great as yesterday

Never tell her if she is not looking great. Girls are not used to listening to such things like “not looking good”. Always compliment her for anything she wears even if it is a dress of the color that you hate the most. You are expected to tell her that she looks gorgeous in whatever she is wearing.

7. Give me your passwords

In case you have said this or have decided to say, stop put a lock on your lips right away. Do not ask for her passwords. You would be making the biggest mistake of your life in case you ask her for her passwords. Few things are personal and should remain. She has a personal space that she would hate to share with anyone.

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